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August 9, 2011 • News

Rant: Google + Updated to Support iPod Touch, but PLEASE Don’t Tell Me It Has ‘iPad Support’ … It Doesn’t!

Yesterday the Google + iOS app was updated, with the following changes noted:

– Huddle settings
– Aggregated circle add notifications
– iPod touch & iPad support
– Performance and stability improvements

So … they are claiming iPad ‘support’? What does that actually mean, anyway? That it will install and be a minimally functional app that looks and performs terribly? Well, if that is the case, I guess they are correct.

When I think of ‘support’ I look to the iPod Touch version, which looks like this:

These are the identical screenshots, yet offer VERY different user experiences.

The iPad has been around nearly 18 months, and it is LONG since time for apps to try to get away with the 1x/2x crap and calling it ‘support’.

Let me be the one to set you straight: yesterday Google released an updated to Google + that removed the utterly nonsensical block on the iPod Touch. There is no iPad version, but if you only have an iPad and are disparate to use Google +, there is a minimally functional way to do it through an iPhone app. Or you can use Safari for a much better experience.

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