Throw That Stylus Away! The Neo SmartPen N2 Is Everything You Need

While I was browsing the web this morning, an interesting gadget caught my eye, so I had to talk about, the Neo Smartpen N2. Originally a Kickstarter program, the startup raised over 70,000 in less than a month.

Throw That Stylus Away! The Neo SmartPen N2 is Everything You Need

One thing I should always have on me at all times (but I don’t) is a ballpoint pen — mainly because I use my phone for everything from notes, to calendar appointments. My desk is actually full of annoying post-it notes that I write on the fly, but somehow they just mean nothing at the end of every day. The nifty thing about the N2 is that you can just write everything down on the notepad, and it will sync to your smartphone and you can actually SEE your handwriting or artwork (in my case, 3D squares) on the smartphone screen. The accompanying Android or iOS application allows you to zoom in as well, so if you are an artist you can inspect every single detail.

When writing with the Neo Smartpen N2, it will automatically save everything you’ve written; automatically saving 1,000 pages of random things without you having to tell it to. The N2 Smartpen will mirror everything you can put on paper. Your content will seamlessly sync with popular third-party apps like Evernote.

On top of that, this pen does voice diction as well, so you can record with your voice and have it talk with the note. Can your Uniball pen do that? Probably not. The drawing aspect of the pen is especially useful to artists because they’ll be able to import everything to 3rd-party programs like Photoshop.

Now available in the US via AmazonThrow That Stylus Away! The Neo SmartPen N2 Is Everything You Need [affiliate link] for $169 in silver or black, the Neo Smartpen N2 will surely enhance the way you write and draw.

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  1. I remember when this was a Kickstarter thinking … um, so HOW is this different from my Livescribe? I still don’t know.

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