Game Benefits! Dig Rush to Improve Amblyopia

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People with amblyopia (“lazy eye”) will soon get treatment from the first therapeutic video game called Dig Rush from Ubisoft and Amblyotech Inc. Amblyopia (“lazy eye”) affects approximately 3% or the U.S. population (about 9 million people). It’s condition where a person sees out of one eye instead of two.

Game Benefits! Dig Rush to Improve Amblyopia

In the patented video game Dig Rush, players wear 3-D glasses to control a mole on the hunt for gold. Objects are colored red or blue, so the game trains players to eventually see the blue objects (people with amblyopia can initially only see the red objects).

Amblyopia patients who receive a prescription would receive 3-D glasses and a tablet preloaded with Dig Rush. The recommended Dig Rush gameplay treatment would be one hour a day for four to six weeks. Overall pricing and release date information is forthcoming.

Look for more gaming partnerships like this one in the future as Ubisoft continues making “games for health”. See more information about Amblyotech Inc., a two-person startup based in Atlanta, Georgia, below:

Amblyotech Inc. was founded by Joseph Koziak and Robert Derricotte to develop and commercialize novel medical treatments using applications designed for Smartphones and Tablet platforms.  The company plans on building a platform of therapies using an electronic interface to improve quality of life. To learn more, please visit

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