Draco Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus Is Strong, Elegant, and Stylish

The Draco Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus is a minimal yet beautiful bumper case that wraps the outside of your iPhone in aircraft grade aluminum. It’s a lightweight and elegant design that not only protects your device but also showcases the beauty of the iPhone as well. These gorgeous bumpers can be purchased for $99.99.

Draco Aluminum Bumper cover

The Draco Aluminum Bumper is made of A6061, which is an aluminum alloy that is often used for aircrafts and even aluminum cans. This is a popular alloy used for its great strength to weight ratio.

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This aluminum bumper is curved to provide an elegant, as well as ergonomic design that feels great in your hand. The bumper comes with buttons made of the same aluminum alloy that are used to both protect as well as engage the buttons of your phone. Inside the bumper are cushions that serve as shock absorbers in case of accidental falls and the ensuing impact. The Draco Aluminum Bumper has a raised edge 0.4mm high on the back of the bumper to provide protection for the back of the phone while placing it on a table.

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The bumper is easy to install, however, such a seamless design requires screws for installation. The bumper comes in two pieces, the bottom piece is approximately 1/6th the length of the bumper, with the top piece containing the rest of the bumper. The bottom piece obviously includes cutouts for access to the headphone jack as well as the lightning port, and speaker grill. It also looks like it has a hole with which you could thread a lanyard attachment. The top piece has cutouts for the aluminum button covers for the volume buttons and power button as well as a cutout for the mute switch.

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I love the design of this bumper, as it’s smooth, elegant, and feels great in my hand. The aluminum button covers are a nice touch and I like that it provides protection for the back of the phone while placed on a table.

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This bumper does have some downsides, however. The headphone jack cutout is just big enough to fit the iPhone headphones, so you may have trouble fitting third-party headphones into this jack. The mute switch cutout is also very small, which makes it hard to operate without long fingernails. One final complaint is that I would love it if the bumper had a lip on the front of the phone to protect the screen from scratches if I put my phone screen side down on a table.

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Overall, however, the Draco Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus is a beautifully designed bumper that is elegant enough to dress up your phone but provide adequate protection from accidental drops.  It is available in 5 colors, including: Champagne Gold, Meteor Black, Flare Red, Graphite Gray, and Astro Silver.

You can purchase the Draco Aluminum Bumper directly from the manufacturer.

Source: The Draco Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus was provided to me as a review item by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Attractive design; Great hand feel; Adequate protection; Nice attention to detail

What Needs Improvement:  Small headphone jack and mute switch cutouts; Minimal screen protection; Requires screws

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