How Bodyguardz Saved My iPhone 5

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How Bodyguardz Saved My iPhone 5 Listen to this article


Ugh! So aggravating! I took my iPhone out of its case while traveling (I know, I know) because it was so bulky. At least I had purchased and installed a Bodyguardz skin on my phone last week; because of that, my iPhone 5 survived a horrific flying drop and slide at the airport.

The only damage is my slightly smooshed upper right corner, which is way way better than the cracked screen I expected to see when I picked the phone up from the hard tile floor.

If (like me) you prefer to not have a case on your device all the time, then you really ought to invest in a Bodyguardz skin. I can only imagine how much worse things would have been if my iPhone hadn’t been wearing one … And yes, I already have one on pre-order for my iPad mini!


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