Tracer Racers Dual Loop Review

I always have a blast getting to have my kids join me for a review. It just so happened we were able to obtain the Max Traxx Tracer Racers for review and some old school fun. The side-by-side lighted racers leave a glow trail on the provided glow-in-the-dark track through a loop. Read on to see how the $27.99 kit faired. 

The Max Traxx Tracer Racers Dual Loop is a glow track system racetrack that uses lighted cars for side-by-side fun. Twenty feet of track (10 feet side-by-side), one loop and two tracer racer vehicles are included. This toy is a new twist on similar tracks I used to play with when I was my boys’ age. I guess the joy of watching the cars run through a loop over and over is not enough for today’s kids, so the tracer technology has been added.

tracer racers dual loop

The track slides together to create one two lane raceway then snap together using the provided connector pieces. I tried to let Peyton (10) build the track himself, but he had trouble sliding the two pieces of track together. With a little help from dad, we were able to be up and running in less than ten minutes. Riley (7) quickly figured out that the button on top of the racers toggled the lighted undercarriage from two different blinking patterns, constant on and off.


It is recommended to find a smooth surface to attach the suction cups and set the decline for speed. We set the track up against the window of the front door and the boys went straight to racing.


I have to admit that the tracer feature of the track is really cool. The purple lights are bright enough to create a double light trail on the track that slowly fades. With the lights always on, a really fun streak effect follows the cars as they race to the finish. The blinking options leave a dashed line streak effect. The boys took to the track immediately and turned the lights off and loved playing with it.


The Max Traxx Tracer Racers Dual Loop track is great fun with a bit of a retro touch. The tracks are relatively easy to put together or take apart and the tracer racers look and perform great. I know when I was a young boy, the lighted streak feature would have kept me coming back for race after race. My boys really enjoyed side-by-side racing and had plenty of spirited discussions on who won each race or who jumped the gun.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample.

MSRP: $27.99

What Peyton liked: Really liked how the track lighted up when the cars were racing.

What can be improved: It would be better if it were easier to slide the two tracks together.

What Riley liked: When the cars roll and the lights off there is a light that shows on the track.

What can be improved: Lots more track and another loop.

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