Ough, Ough, Ough! The Mag-Vest Tool Belt Is PERFECT for “Home Improvement”

As a kid, I watched Home Improvement and always as a result of watching Tim “The Toolman” Taylor I wanted a tool belt. So there was no surprise when I looked at Kickstarter and saw the Mag-Vest, a new project that looks to reinvent the concept of bulky fannypack-like tool belts, I was interested.

The Mag-Vest does away with the old concept of digging around for nail, or getting yourself caught up in your surroundings, like having your belt get caught in the door. The developer of Mag-Vest, Grant Miner has created the future-proof tool VEST (you heard me right, vest) and it reinvents the whole idea.

The vest, made covered with strategically placed ceramic magnets for things like nails and bolts that stay secured as you’re doing work and need to keep them secure, versus having them laying around on a table. Obviously this means the items you place there would have to be metal or steel.


And for those unlucky items you can’t stick to your body, the vest has loops and pockets on the side, so you won’t have too much going on in the front of your vest, and it won’t be too heavy on your back. The breathable mesh is built to be comfortable and flexible, so you can get things done without feeling cluttered in your workspace.


The incentive here is, if you pledge $60, you will receive a Mag-Vest in August if it goes to production. With 17 days remaining, and a goal of $15,000 to reach, this is a great deal for those who are all about DIY and Home Improvement.

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