InvisaWear Takes a Tragedy and….Inserts Themselves?

Over the weekend, a college student got into a car she thought was an Uber, and tragically she was murdered. This is an awful story. Somehow, the folks at invisaWear, jewelry that offers emergency GPS beacons, thought this tragedy was a good opportunity to promote their product.

InvisaWear Takes a Tragedy and....Inserts Themselves?

Just read what their CEO released today:

“Every time I hear a story like this I can’t help but feel extremely sad and heart broken. I sit here and wonder if she had had an invisaWear if the outcome could have been different. I start to think if it’s our fault or if there was something we could have done better to make sure more people know our products exist. I think about the scary experience I had when a car full of guys followed me and one of them started to get out. I realize how lucky I was and how the outcome could have easily been the same. We pour our hearts and souls into invisaWear nearly 7 days a week every week because we want to put an end to stories like this. Yet every time a tragedy like this happens it feels like we failed. It shows us that there is still so much more we need to do and to accomplish. Today our hearts are broken. We can’t wait for the day that you hear a scary situation like this happened and that the person was caught and prosecuted before the victim was hurt. We can’t wait until the day a person says they didn’t commit a crime because they worried that the person they were going to attack was wearing an invisaWear.” 

Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way. It’s not about you, invisaWear. That shouldn’t have to be said, but apparently, it did.

Second of all, this is a terrible way to insert themselves into a tragedy. Here’s how invisaWear could have handled it:

“This story is absolutely heartbreaking, and we wanted to take the time to remind our customers and fans about ways they can make ridesharing safer:

  1. Always check the make/model/license plate of the car against the app before you enter the vehicle.
  2. Ask the driver who they are picking up-make sure they know your name and have your information up on the app.
  3. Especially if it’s late or you’re in an unfamiliar area, let someone know that you’re getting in a rideshare and when you’re expected to arrive at your destination.
  4. In general, be aware of your surroundings.

We hope everyone stays safe, and our hearts are broken for the family and friends of the victim of this tragic incident.”

Take note, invisaWear — there’s a way to get in front of customers without being jerks.

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