Airtable for iOS Makes Spreadsheets Worth Wanting To Do

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Airtable is a new productivity app in the App Store that allows you to organize virtually everything you can think of.

Launched earlier this year thanks to backing from many investors, one being famous actor and comedian Ashton Kutcher, Airtable is essentially an app to end all of your spreadsheet woes. Many of us use spreadsheets in the office and although with technology advancing, and other organizational tools progressing to make life easier for us all, spreadsheets are still tedious and a complete pain to even deal with. Sure Excel was created in the 80’s, but with time there should be change. Airtable is here now, and has figured out a way to make life a bit more simple for you.

Airtable for iOS Makes Spreadsheets Worth Wanting To Do

Howie Lieu, the 26-year old co-founder and CEO of Airtable stated:


“Airtable is the list-maker’s dream tool. It’s a flexible and easy way to stay organized, whether you’re planning a camping trip or creating a bucket list for gadget purchases. Our company is built around well-thought design to provide a clean, intuitive, and playful experience for our users.”


Airtable for iOS Makes Spreadsheets Worth Wanting To Do

Airtable is a beautiful organizational tool that works exactly the way you want. Being as fast and flexible as a spreadsheet, the user interface is much more attractive with images, vibrant colors, and more.

Airtable for iOS Makes Spreadsheets Worth Wanting To Do

With seamless access from mobile and web, you can take the app from your iPhone and iPad to your computer. And using all of the popular productivity apps and cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive, you can visually get your point across in your tables with images and documents.

Airtable for iOS Makes Spreadsheets Worth Wanting To Do


Available in the App Store today, Airtable is a must have app for anyone looking to organize their lives!

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