Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews

Since first meeting with Bluelounge at CES 2014 I’ve been a fan. And when the company releases new products I’m always interested in what they have now come up with. They just announced two new products-Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties and the Portiko power cord. Both are affordable, well-executed, and serve excellent purposes.

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews 


The first product Bluelounge just announced are the Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties. These are…

“adjustable and reusable multi-purpose tie to bundle or secure anything under the sun. Similar to a zip tie, Pixi serves a multitude of functions but unlike a zip tie can be used again, and again. With three sizes, there is a Pixi to use for every project.”

As someone who tends to use twist ties to hold cables and cords together I love the easy-of-use and reusability of the Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties.

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews
To use them you simply wrap a Pixi around the object you wish to secure, wrap up, or hold in place. You then pull the bungee end of the accessory enough to make it a bit more narrow and place if through the channel that runs down the center of the “Pixi button.” This, in turn, traps the bungee between the hard plastic of the Pixi. When you let go and release the tension the cord expands and holds securely in place. If it is too loose you can simply tighten it up a bit. And when you want to release the cable you have secured you simply pull on the bungee cord, make it a bit thinner and pull it out of the Pixi button.

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews
The accessory works as promised and it reusable. Best of all, the Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties are available in Small (8 to a pack), Medium (6 to a pack) or Large (4 to a pack) for an MSRP of just $9.95.

Source: Manufacturer review sample of the Bluelounge Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties

What I Like: Work well; Easy to use; Reusable; Inexpensive

What Needs Improvement: Nothing


Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews


The second new item from Bluelounge is the Portiko extension cable. There was a time when powerstrips just needed to let you plug standard adapters into place. These days such power strips are fine but many of our devices simply need a standard USB plug for device-charging. That’s where the Portiko comes in. This accessory is:

“Ideal for shared workspace or living areas, Portiko is a 6-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports that expands the functionality of a single socket and creates a little hub to work from. One of the USB ports is iOS compatible to charge an iPhone or iPad at full speed. The 45-degree angle of the plug keeps other sockets accessible.”

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews
I like the fact that the plug is at a 45-degree angle. This leaves the second wall outlet free for something else.

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews
I also like the fact that I can plug in two standard devices AND charge my iOS devices AND charge an accessory such as a headset or speaker. Unfortunately the literature doesn’t make clear what the iOD plug output is. The six-foot cable makes it easy to bring the hub close to you when you need it, and the cord is thick enough that it won’t get tangled. Since I hate the large bulk of most standard powerstrips I am especially delighted by this product.

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews
One other feature that deserves mention is the included self-adhesive metal plate. This allows for the Portiko to be mounted on a wall or desk. To use it you simply affix the adhesive plate in the desired location and loop cable slack around the Portiko when not in use. I do wish the company had seen fit to include two of these plates so you could use it in two different locations.

It is available in either white or blue for just $24.95.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Bluelounge Portiko charging cable

What I Like: Offers two standard 110V plugs, one iOS USB port and one standard USB port; Six foot cable is long and tanglefree

What Needs Improvement: Unclear what the iOS port output is; Only one magnetic plate included

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