Serbags Canvas Travel Laptop School Backpack is Modern Vintage Greatness!

Backpacks and messenger bags have become commonplace in our daily lives, so much so that many have lost any sort of personality and just serve a basic purpose. Serbags is a backpack and bag company delivering products that will reflect the unique style and flair of the carrier, and they have a great new backpack in time for summer!

Serbags Canvas Travel Laptop School Backpack/Images courtesy Serbags

Serbags Canvas Travel Laptop School Backpack/Images courtesy Serbags

The Canvas Travel Laptop School Backpack (quite the mouthful) caught my eye right away in the press release forwarded to GearDiary. As with most products from Serbags, this new backpack offers a vintage styling blended from sturdy canvas and pliable leather along with a protective cotton lining. The Serbags products remind me of my faithful canvas Domke camera bag that I carried for a quarter century on assignments, and while newfangled materials such as ballistic nylon are all the rage these days, there is still something to be said about the look and feel of classic canvas.


I received a review sample in the duotone gray canvas/tan leather combination and truth be told this is the model that caught my eye in the press release. I love the color contrast and the worn look of the gray canvas. Think of your favorite pair of denim jeans and how good they look and feel when you get them broken in just right. Vintage is the key marketing term in most of the Serbags products and I wholeheartedly concur. These bags are designed and built extremely well and certainly offer a valid alternative to the racks and racks of black nylon in most department stores.


To the bag itself, there is a main compartment flanked by a large laptop compartment (for devices up to 17 inches). A drawstring closes the main pockets and a cover flap can be buckled into place for maximum protection from sight and the elements. There are a few smaller zippered pockets around the backpack (one in the back itself and one on the front of the pack that also has a cover flap). Two large, adjustable, and supportive shoulder straps offer comfort when carrying your bag and there is a small grab loop at the top center of the straps. Surrounding the bottom of the backpack is a leather wraparound base to ensure long life of the bag.


It’s stylish qualities aside, the Serbags Canvas Travel Laptop School Backpack works great, can carry quite a bit of cargo in it’s interior, and offers good comfort on the shoulders and your back. More than merely functional or stylish the Serbag is a perfect blend of both worlds and a backpack/bag I would highly recommend to the summer daytripper or for the back to school crowd this fall.


The Serbags Canvas Travel Laptop School Backpack can be purchased on the Serbags website for $89.99 and is offered in gray or brown. It measures 19”Hx11.5”Lx6.5”W and it’s main material is canvas with top-grain leather bottom and straps. Review sample provided by Serbags.


What I like: Unique, vintage styling; durable materials; large interior.

What can be improved: Drinkholder or water bottle compartment on the side.

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