Rokform Crystal v3 Case for SGS6 Is a Clear Winner

We’ve taken a look previously at Rokform phone cases and the unique mounting system they employ, along with the inclusion of a magnet in each case for greater mounting flexibility. Soon after the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, Rokform sent along its newest Crystal v3 case for us to test on our family’s newest device.

Rokform Crystal v3 case for S6/Image courtesy Rokform

Rokform Crystal v3 case for S6/Image courtesy Rokform

My wife and her daughter both recently upgraded to the S6, each getting a different color choice. I talked my wife into the white phone and while she was a bit hesitant at first because she was worried the phone would show dirt I reminded her we have a brand spanking new case sitting at home just waiting to wrap its protective arms around her new smartphone.

As with previous cases, the new Crystal v3 case for the Galaxy phone slipped on very easily. We chose to remove the magnet from the case, which is a nice option offered by Rokform. They have proven the magnets are safe next to the phones and in your pocket or purse near sensitive items with magnetic information recorded onto them. For us, there is just nothing metal around my wife during her usual day that she would stick the case to so why carry the extra – albeit minimal – weight.


My wife immediately loved the look and feel of the case. Yes, it is slightly larger than the minimal case on the S3 we just upgraded from but with grand-babies now getting their hands on our phones when we are not watching we figured the extra protection provided by the Rokform case would be welcome. It is safe for drops up to six feet and it will be a few years before those little tykes get to that altitude.

All of the plugs can be easily accessed with the case on but my wife did say the power button was stiffer to operate through this case than her previous one. She really enjoys the crystal clear portions of the case that show off her new phone in winter white and the contrasting black corner bumpers add a stylish touch. Her daughter borrowed the case for a week and liked it as well but she was switching between it and a folio case for when she went out and did not want to carry too many things. The ease of installing and uninstalling the case was her favorite feature.


I mentioned the Rokform magnet earlier. This phone case actually comes with two magnets, one in the case and another – dubbed BAM (Big A$$ Magnet) – with double-sided tape on one side to attach to any non-metallic surface and give you a place to temporarily place your phone be it dashboard, kitchen, cubicle, garage, etc.

The Crystal v3 phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is now available from Rokform on their website for $39.99 MSRP. It works with all v3 mounting accessories for motorcycles, strollers, golf carts, bicycles, etc.

Source: Review sample provided by manufacturer.

What I Like: Clear design; v3 flexible mounting system functionality

What Needs Improvement: Wife wants lighter pressure required on button covers

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