Edyn Garden Sensor Now Available Exclusively at Home Depot

Edyn, the connected garden sensor, announced on July 1st that they struck an exclusive retail partnership with The Home Depot. This smart garden device is solar-powered, Wi-Fi enabled, and water and fertilizer resistant. Plus, you can use the Edyn iOS app to find out how to maximize your garden’s health! The Edyn Garden Sensor is available now for $99.97.

Edyn Garden Sensor now Available Exclusively at The Home Depot

You may remember me writing about Edyn way back when they kicked off their Kickstarter campaign back in June, 2014. Edyn originally raised over three times its Kickstarter funding goal and has since received over $2.36 billion in investments, with interest in the agriculture technology industry being at an all-time high.

“What started out as a vision to help farmers better manage their crops has now transformed into a reality where people can connect with their food and gardens in an entirely new way,” said Jason Aramburu, CEO and founder of Edyn. “Kickstarter validated Edyn as a tool that enables everyone to grow a thriving garden, and taking the product from concept to retail in a year has allowed us to help everyone garden smarter and change the way people grow food.”

The Edyn Garden Sensor reports on soil nutrition, soil moisture, humidity, temperature, and sunlight so that users can keep track of their garden no matter where they are. The Edyn Garden Sensor maintains Wi-Fi connectivity so that it can send live data to the Edyn iOS app, which can give you a real-time snapshot of your garden and can educate users about what plants will grow best, optimal time for planting, and more.

Edyn App 2

The Edyn Garden Sensor will also work with the Edyn Water Valve. The Edyn Water Valve is a smart irrigation controller that will easily connect with your existing watering system to deliver the perfect amount of water to your plants without any waste. The Water Valve will be available for $59.99 starting Fall 2015.  The free Edyn app is available on the iOS app store now!

We expect to receive an Edyn Garden Sensor review unit shortly, so stay tuned to Gear Diary for more coverage on these new Edyn smart garden products!

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