The PebbleBee Stone Will Quickly Locate Your Keys… And Your Pet!

It’s been a while, but finally a Kickstarter I can get behind. If you’re a follower of crowdsourcing, you may have heard of PebbleBee, which back in 2014 after successful funding, their PebbleBee Honey was released and bacame the most affordable iOS/Android Bluetooth Device. Well they have another product that is currently seeking funding that’s just as great!


The PebbleBee Stone is PebbleBee’s latest smart item tracker that honestly says and does everything you can imagine. If you already have the PebbleBee Honey, you get the premise of the Stone; being a small tracker that you can tag onto items like your keys, phone, etc. But the Stone is a bit different as it allows you to create SHORTCUTS for things that you’d typically have to open your phone to do, like making a phone call, starting up your music, or opening an app. The Stone does all of this for you!

The PebbleBee Stone Will Quickly Locate Your Keys... And Your Pet!

Available in Onyx Black or Glacier White, the Pebblebee Stone has IFTTT (now “IF”) integration! IFTTT stands for “If This Than That”, which is a concept that states if circumstances are one way, then the action you chose for it will be another. Say if you wanted to make sure that you turn your lights in your home off after forgetting them. Pressing the Stone will turn off the lights for you in this circumstance. Sounds great, right? It is! Using the IFTTT (IF) app in the App Store, you can create these recipes, or you can do them online through IFTTT’s platform. Currently under development, the Stone channel will be available after the Stones finally ship.

But the Stone does so much more. From being able to track hot and cold environments, letting you know “hey it really is that hot”, down to being your camera button, you never have to carry around a selfie stick (because why would you want to do that?). Another thing about the PebbleBee Stone is for those of you with pets, the Stone can be put on their leash to track them wherever they are. And with a motion detection sensor, if they just so happen to try to jump out of the car window, or slip out of your home, you’re able to easily track them.

The PebbleBee Stone Will Quickly Locate Your Keys... And Your Pet!

If you’re big on safety, you will have peace of mind knowing the PebbleBee Stone is a distress signal as well, which will report your location or allow you to make an emergency phone call if you are ever in danger. I can easily see this being a premier feature that will come in handy for ANYONE.

The PebbleBee Stone Will Quickly Locate Your Keys... And Your Pet!

With an accompanying app, the PebbleBee Stone’s replaceable battery last 6-24 months based on usage. The Stone not only has a 2 action button, and a motion sensor, but is also water resistant and works on both iOS and Android. With crowd GPS Bluetooth 4.0, range finder, and location pairing, you can easily share your location with friends or family.

The PebbleBee Stone Will Quickly Locate Your Keys... And Your Pet!

What are you waiting for? For $40 (20% discount) you can receive two stones and three accessories for the both of them. This deal is good until the end of the day today, and will go back down to $25 for one stone. With an estimated delivery of November 2015, the PebbleBee Stone is a MUST have if you are consistently losing items!

PebbleBee Stone’s IndieGoGo Site

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