Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!


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Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift! Listen to this article

The TwelveSouth BaseLift is one of those simple accessories that adds to both the comfort and utility of your Macbook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. It offers a better typing angle and keeps your laptop cool on your lap. Best of all, this one accessory will work with pretty much any of the current portable Macs and is under $40.

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
The TwelveSouth BaseLift is a thin, microfiber-layered pad that attaches to the bottom of your laptop thanks to the “stick-to-your-Mac but won’t leave residue when you remove it” adhesive used by the company. It provides a comfortable base of support when you use the laptop on your lap and then, when you need to type on a flat surface, it changes to a stand that improves the typing and viewing angle.

“When you need a stand, simply fold it up to enjoy an instant stand that elevates your screen and angles your Mac for comfortable typing. Used flat, BaseLift works as a lap pad, protecting your thighs from the extreme heat and cold of your aluminum MacBook. The best part about BaseLift? It stays attached to the bottom of your MacBook all the time, so it goes everywhere your MacBook goes.”

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
Because the BaseLift is permanently affixed to your laptop- until you decide to remove it of course- it is always available and ready to be used. It adds minimal weight and thickness to the laptop so you won’t really know it is there… until you need it of course. It is so thin and light that I am still able to use my favorite Waterfield sleeve with it! And when I have my MacBook at my desk and raised on a stand it works just fine, thanks to the fact that the TwelveSouth BaseLift lays flat on the bottom of the computer when not in use.

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
As TwelveSouth explains:

“BaseLift is the most portable MacBook stand you’ll ever own and because it stays attached to the bottom of your MacBook, you’ll never forget it. BaseLift can be used everywhere you roam. You’ll have an instant, comfy typing stand on planes, in conference rooms, coffee shops or on a tree stump at your campsite. This handy tool is so thin and light, it will fit inside pretty much any MacBook sleeve or case. When you’re back at your desk, BaseLift lays flat and lets you continue to use your favorite desktop stand, like our HiRise for MacBook.”

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
The BaseLift comes in two parts. There’s the primary BaseLift Pad that adheres to any Mac’s base. It offers a comfortable pad that, when needed, flips up and over itself to create an angle that raises the computer to a more comfortable viewing and typing angle. The product ships with two optional “secondary Fit Strips.” One is designed for the 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The second is a bit thicker and is designed for the 15” MacBook Pro. These strips let the BaseLift extend from the front to the back of the laptop for a more even and secure fit. It also lets the product have a more finished look.

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
The adhesive used for the BaseLift is what TwelveSouth refers to as “SurfaceGrip technology.” It is adhesive that is strong enough to hold the BaseLift securely in place but removes easily and without residue.

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
And while I recommend the BaseLift for the added convenience of typing on the laptop, it serves a secondary purpose as well. TwelveSouth puts it this way:

“Anyone who owns an aluminum MacBook knows how cold it is when you first put it on your lap, and how hot it gets when working. BaseLift serves as a sleek shield that insulates your thighs from an icy cold Mac and a hot Mac. When you park yourself on the sofa for the night, you don’t have to remember to grab BaseLift because it’s always attached to your MacBook. How’s that for convenience?”

The BaseLift weighs just 4.2 ounces. When used to raise the laptop for typing it gives the keyboard a 10 degree tilt. The wedge has a height of 1.26 inches.

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
I got the TwelveSouth BaseLift shortly before my new 13” MacBook Pro arrived. I wasn’t sure what I thought about the product initially but put it on my laptop for review purposes. I quickly became sold on the idea. The BaseLift keeps the laptop cool when typing on my lap as I am right now.

Give Your Mac a Lift with the TwelveSouth BaseLift!
I also quickly found that the added angle of the keyboard when the BaseLift is used to prop up the computer makes a huge difference. I am, at this point, completely sold on the product. I’ll be curious to see how it stands up over time but, for now, I can wholeheartedly recommend this $39.99 accessory. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the TwelveSouth BaseLift for MacBook

What I Like: Attaches easily to the bottom of the computer; Keeps the laptop cool when used on your lap; Flips up easily and keeps the laptop at a good typing angle; always there and ready to do its thing

What Needs Improvement: Adds some thickness to the laptop; We will see how long it stays clean and securely attached to the computer when used on the road

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