Choetech’s Latest Products Are MFi Certified and They Make Streaming Even Easier

Choetech’s made a name for itself by making high quality products at an affordable price without compromising the integrity of the item you’re using it for. And if you’re looking for reliability, their latest Type-C products are worth adding to your checkout bin.

The first is CHOETECH’s USB C to Lightning Cable. (At the time of publishing, other brands have come out with their own takes on USB to lightning cables, but CHOETECH and Anker were indeed the first with MFI certified branding).

Full transparency: It feels as though Apple is slowly but surely doing away with Lightning, as if their MacBook & latest iPads are a testament in favor of USB-C, but they haven’t fully adapted to it yet. The safe money is for companies to pull off USB-C to Lightning for the time being, and CHOETECH’s take on that couldn’t be any better.

This Choetech six-foot cable is now a mainstay in my gadget bag, as it not only works with synching my devices to my MacBook which is absent of USB 2.0 ports, but it has the ability to support Fast charge power delivery with a power output up to 3 amps. The USB Type-C to Lightning cable is built to withstand more than 5000 bends, and it has the authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure that it’s compatible with their devices. It’s also cheaper than Apple’s, priced at only $17.99.

Next, there’s CHOETECH’S USB Type C to HDMI Cable with a 60W PD charging Port Adapter. Currently available for $23.99, this cable is the BEST way I’ve found to stream audio from my laptop to my television outside of Airdrop and Chromecast.

As a podcaster, I tend to need to connect external devices to my MacBook, and the ability to simply plug this cable from my laptop into a TV is a fantastic use-case scenario when I am on a trip or vacation to avoid paying for in-room movies at hotels. Instead, I can opt to watch from my own Netflix account by plugging the HDMI port into the television in my room. By doing this, you’re not isolated to a particular platform as you can stream ANY of your media, videos, photos — you name it — from any USB Type-C enabled device.

Not only that, you are able to charge devices, including a MacBook Pro from the television while in use. There’s 4k 60HZ Ultra HD resolution that CHOETECH states will work with Full HD 1080p videos, even being backward compatible to 1080p/720p/480p/360p, complete with gold-plated connections.

Both items should definitely be worth checking out; each serves their own purpose yet is effective in their usability. For more information on both, you can head over to CHOETECH’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Durable cables that make charging and using any USB Type C device more efficient

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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