ZipBuds Announces the SLIDE, a ZipperLess Set of Affordable Headphones

I’ve always found ZipBuds to be pretty interesting. The inventive zipper format to their headphones has always been pretty unique and something I could see myself using while traveling.

So it’s pretty odd that I, as a “bluetooth” headphone user, would get as excited as I am about ZipBuds announcement of… zipperless in-ear headphones, by the name of SLIDE.


The newest innovation by the company that I can’t help but say XYZ – Xtend Your Zipper when I hear their name is actually pretty neat. The SLIDE earphones feature high performance drivers with oxygen-free copper conductors, aka, something not many people would actually have a concern about. What you should know though is that the SLIDE headphones provide a pure listening experience courtesy of their patent pending ComfortFit2Tm earbuds that keep your headphones from annoyingly falling out of your ear.


If that’s not enough to sell you, or the fact that it comes in all of the obvious colors: Black, black and white, black sea, and their specialty P.O. P, the ZipBuds SLIDE are only $49, which are a bargain for the listening quality you get.

Head over to today and order a pair.

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