I Actually Like Corded Headphones Again, Thanks to My Trinity Deltas

A self-proclaimed audiophile, I take pride in my headphones. Recently I’ve been a huge fan of Bluetooth buds, but after having two fail on me in the same week, I was actually pretty elated when Trinity Audio Engineering sent over a pair of their Trinity Delta in-ear headphones to review.

Trinity Audio’s Deltas come from the British company that’s specialty is high-quality in-ear monitors at a price that won’t hurt your pockets. The Delta’s are the top-tier version of these buds, and will only set you back $135.

Delt’s attention to detail show in the products they used to craft the headphones. Instead of making cheap plastic buds,Trinity opted for the braided cable which as a result means you won’t have to worry about them being tangled when you take them out of your bag. From the packaging alone, the Delta’s feel solid. From the 3.5mm jack’s gold-plated bottom, to the aluminum casing, they are beautiful just to look at. Trinity made sure you get what you paid for as well as the Delta’s come with four extra sets of ear tips in multiple sizes, so you’ll never have to worry about them not fitting your ears. I was able to use the stock ones just fine as they fit my ears perfectly, and most importantly don’t feel loose at all so they won’t slide off the delta’s when in your pocket like other third-party headphones.

I Actually Like Corded Headphones Again, Thanks to My Trinity Deltas

Also in the included triangular casing, you’ll get a right-angled adapter, and a metal tube that houses the extra tuned filters to change your listening experience. Each filter is colors a particular way to make sure they are readily identifiable when you need them. All it takes to change these are to unscrew the currently filter from the housing. Don’t expect any actual identifying labels on these filters that justify what they do however.

I Actually Like Corded Headphones Again, Thanks to My Trinity Deltas

While they aren’t marketed as noise-cancelling buds, even at the average listening volume, you’ll hear less and less of outside noise as the Deltas do manage to eliminate outside noise. That comes with a price though as on my commutes to work I do tend to listen to music loud, which to me is noise-cancelling enough, but some sound does leak out, which could annoy someone sitting beside you.

I Actually Like Corded Headphones Again, Thanks to My Trinity Deltas

The only negative about the Deltas is the fact that there is no actual volume adjustment to them at all physically. So if you’re on a quick run, or need to change tracks, everything will have to be changed on the device that it’s plugged into. But it makes up for it in actual audio quality as your lows and mids all sound top-tier. If you’re into your acoustic sounds, you’ll be happy to know that the purple filters goes best with this option. If you’re into your bass-heavy tunes, the silver filters do the best job with those particular tracks.

I Actually Like Corded Headphones Again, Thanks to My Trinity Deltas

Overall, the comfort of the headphones are great, and as someone who typically wears their corded buds under their shirts to listen to Podcasts as work, these are a beautiful set at a reasonable price, that in all honesty produce the best audio sounds that go IN your ear, and not over them. They easily replaced my Bluetooth Beats By Dre, and although I’m not going to test these out on a run because I sweat a lot and worry about how they would hold up over time, these headphones are GREAT if you want to shut out the world on a commute, or simply want a better overall listening experience. Available at Trinity’s website for $135, it’s safe to say these Kickstarter funded earbuds are a must-have. Purchase a pair today.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: I like the bass drivers and tangle-free feature

What Needs Improvement: Volume control on the cords

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