Griffin’s Reversible Premium Lighting Cable Will Power You Up

If you are reading the site it means you love your gadgets. And if your gadgets of choice come from Apple it means you need USB-to-Lightning cases to keep your mobile devices powered up. If you need USB-to-Lightning cables you’ll want to check out Griffin’s Reversible Premium Lighting Cable. They are a simple accessory that can make a huge difference.


Not all USB-to Lightning cables were created equal. Some are too short. Others are too thin and flimsy. Some fray and fall apart in just a few months. And most need to be put into the USB port in a specific way. Not so Griffin’s offering.


At 3 meters, these cables are extra long. Made from made aircraft-grade materials, these cables are extra tough.


And with a reversible USB, these cables can got into the USB port in either direction. Yes, there’s no right or wrong way to plug the cable in.

The company explains:

Our 3-meter premium Lightning charge cables have been completely rethought—from the materials to the connectors. All so you can keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch charged with a better and stronger cable. Measuring in at nearly 10 feet, this extra-long Lightning cable lets you charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch nearly anywhere in the room.

Better still, the cables come in three colors, silver, gold and gray, so they can color match your iOS device color of choice.

The Griffin Premium Reversible Lightning cables feature:

  • 10 ft. (3.05 m) long
  • Easy-connecting reversible USB connector plugs into any full-sized USB connector regardless of orientation
  • High-durability braided nylon cable jackets for long cable life under heavy use
  • Anodized aluminum housing protects the Lightning connector

At $39.99 these cables are a bit more expensive than, for example, the ones from Monoprice. At the same time, both of my Monoprice USB-to-Lightning cables have fallen apart less than a year after I got them. I don’t see that happening with this premium cable!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Extra long; Available in three colors; Reversible USB port; Extra strong; They look like the premium refined product they are

What Needs Improvement: There are much cheaper cables available but… they are cheaper

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