The Techlink Recharge 5000 UltraThin+ Is the Thinnest Battery Pack Yet!

It seems like there’s a new battery pack released every week, and as a reviewer it is easy for me to become jaded — thinking I’ve seen it all. You really need to bring something special to the table if you want to wow me, and that’s exactly what the Techlink Recharge 5000 has done.

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It’s not the biggest mAh battery charger available, it’s only a 1A instead of a 2A (so it’s not super fast), and it requires a separate cable to recharge. But what the Techlink Recharge 5000 has going or it, that makes it a winner in my book, is that it is even thinner (and shorter) than my iPhone 6 Plus; actually, it’s about the size of an iPhone 6.

Measuring 5.66″ long by 2.91″ wide by 0.35″ thick and weighing just 5.04 ounces, the aluminum clad Recharge 5000 is easily the thinnest 3K or larger battery pack I’ve ever reviewed.

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The back is covered in a black, rubber textured coating. I’d rather that the aluminum continued to the back, but I’m sure that this cuts down on weight.

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Inside the box are the battery, a microUSB cable, and a leatherette storage pouch. In all honesty, I’ll probably never use the pouch, but it is just large enough that it can hold both the battery (in a separate pocket) and my iPhone 6 Plus (an iPhone 6 would be less of a tight squeeze).

Charging is done through the microUSB port on the right side; when the battery is plugged into a power source, the four LEDs will blink until charging is complete, at which point they will glow solid.

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Yes, that’s a built-in Lightning charger that tucks into the bottom of the charger; excellent design!

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There are roughly one and a half extra charges included in the 5000mAh this battery holds, and that is easily enough extra power to get me through even the most grueling day. I like that I don’t have to press any buttons for it to begin charging my iPhone; it’s just plug and go. Most importantly, the Techlink Recharge 5000 fits inside my smallest purse with plenty of room left for my phone, a tube of lip balm, and keys. That, my friends, makes it my new favorite power pack.


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The Techlink ReCharge 5000 retails for $89.95, and it is available from the Apple Store or for $59.99 from Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Incredibly thin and light; 5000mAh is roughly 1.5x extra charge for my iPhone 6 Plus; Built-in Lightning cable; Includes a leatherette pouch for storage; No buttons to press to begin charging

What Needs Improvement: Only charges at 1A, 2A would be faster

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