Update: Native Union’s Goal is Protection Without Bulk With Their 360° iPhone 6 Case

There’s nothing like a new case, but there’s nothing like a new case that’s slim, sleek, and has just a LITTLE bit of individuality to it. We received Native Union’s latest Clic 360° protective case for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Now first things first, when you get a case with the words 360° to it, you’d think that it protects from drops. When you check out the Clic 360° online they describe their case as “maximum protection, minimal bulk”, which I can believe as the case itself is sturdy and does protect both sides, including the top, but the one place that has the most ports, the bottom, is completely exposed.

Just like Apple’s own bumper case, the rubber mesh, shock absorbing case leaves the entire bottom of the case exposed. Or if you want to be politically correct “fully dockable”.

Native Union's Played Up the Protection with their 360° iPhone 6 Case

This one bit of misinformation that Native Union decided to bestow upon us is honestly the only issue with the case for me here, especially since they got everything else right. With the back being partially rubber, and the majority of it being one of five colored mesh fabric, Native Union’s choice in colors are simple yet stand out from those boring cases you tend to run into on the market.

When you realize that the 360° does indeed cost $40, you have to ask yourself “How can a product that states maximum protection leave the most vulnerable part of your device exposed?”

Native Union's Played Up the Protection with their 360° iPhone 6 Case

Exposed bottom isn’t Maximum Protection, not at all.


If you can get around this, you will easily find yourself with a great case that honestly is the best of these types of “lockable” cases on the market, including Apple’s own leather case, which looks just as nice. But the wear and tear on the leather, especially on the red, is ugly over time. Native Union’s however, is something that will last for a long time.


Purchase the Click 360° today for $40

Update: Native Union has assured us that their case does indeed have ample protection for the entire device courtesy of the British Millerain, a premiere manufacturer of waxed cotton. Their special made material are designed to withstand normal wear and tear, as well as being durable, waterproof, and stain-resistant. Why this matters? As you know, the Clic 360 does leave the bottom grill and charging port exposed, however the raised edges as well as the corners of the phone do give the ultimate drop-protection without all of that additional bulk that most cases have. For a closer look here is a video showing off the protection that the Clic 360 offers.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Unit

What I like: Color options, mesh material makes holding the phone nice.

What Needs Improvement: Company shouldn’t be playing up “maximum protection” if the bottom is exposed. Even online the keen eye wouldn’t see that the bottom is exposed.

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