Use Protection with Heat Sensitive Rub & Reveal…Now for iPhone 5

Use Protection with Heat Sensitive Rub & Reveal...Now for iPhone 5

All right, all right, have a chuckle. Get your sophomoric locker room humor out of your system. Take a deep breath. Better?

Okay, for those able to stop channeling Beavis and Butthead, anokimobi has recently introduced their Heat Sensitive Rub and Reveal cases for the iPhone 5. The heat-sensitive cases are the first of their kind on the market using a special heat-sensitive ink imprinted on the case. When friction or other heat source (I would not recommend an open flame of any kind) is applied, the special ink alters its form and reveals a hidden image underneath. Simply slip on the protection, rub until you get a reaction and your sense of humor will be revealed for all to see. For the Rub and Reveal case that is. For the chemically curious uber-nerds among you, I suggest boning up on Thermochromism.

At any rate, six designs are available, for the iPhone 5, 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy 3:

Use Protection with Heat Sensitive Rub & Reveal...Now for iPhone 5

Let’s not forget we’re not just talking a clever hidden message gimmick as the Rub and Reveal cases are built from precision ABS providing phone housing protection, better fit, a soft finish for more comfortable use,  plus all connections and buttons are readily available.

So if you’re a lover of secret decoder rings, hidden messages, genie lamps, drink too much 5 Hour Energy and get frigidity, or just like rubbing objects in general, give an anokimobi Rub and Reveal case a try.

anokimobi Rub and Reveal Cases for iPhone 5, 4/4s and Galaxy S 3

MSRP: £14.95 (approximately $24USD)

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