Road ID Gives Parents and Kids Peace of Mind (With a Little Bit of Style!)

I’ve talked before about how every athlete should have a Road ID, but there’s another market that could use one: kids with allergies. Road IDs are tough, and meant to be worn in grueling circumstances, so they’re perfect for surviving toddlers. We bought a Road ID Slim for my son with food allergies, and we’re very pleased with our purchase!

Road ID Gives Parents and Kids Peace of Mind (With a Little Bit of Style!)

The Road ID Slim is extremely simple. It’s a rubbery band, similar to the “Livestrong” bands that were so popular a few years ago, but made from a tougher rubber. You’ll want to measure your wrist to make sure you get the right size, because they are not adjustable. The tag with your information fits nicely around the band, and I can’t imagine it coming loose without a lot of work. We were able to fit my son’s name, his allergies, a note that he carries an epi-pen, and an emergency number on the tag easily. It’s printed clearly, and doesn’t show any signs of wear (and he even dragged his wrist, tag-side down, along a concrete wall the other night!). We added the optional medical alert symbol badge, just so it’s extremely clear to anyone who sees it on his wrist why he’s wearing it.originalsizing_hand_image

If you’ve ever spent time with a toddler, you know how hard it is to get them to wear something if they don’t want it. My son was very resistant to wearing his Road ID at first, but luckily my dad was over to babysit. All it took was explaining that the Road ID was like grandpa’s watch, and now my son won’t take it off. We’ve let him sleep in it, bathe in it, etc., because we want him to get used to wearing it and so we don’t lose it, and so far it’s been great. He calls it his “watch”, and he shows it off to everyone. It adds an extra peace of mind for us that he’s wearing a reminder of his allergies; he’s too young to advocate for himself, but the Road ID helps do it for him! $19.99 is a small price to pay for a little extra comfort for us and him!

What I Like: Fits well; extremely durable; enough space to list lots of pertinent medical information.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.


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