Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

Now that baseball season is upon us in full swing and summer is approaching, I found it proper to feature a baseball app in this week’s Blue Plate Special. My kids have been playing tee ball and coach pitch and making dad proud; we have already made it to a minor league game in San Antonio.

Baseball is in our blood and a beloved summer activity. I actually learned about Flick Home Run from one of my students that thought I might enjoy it. Boy were they correct! Now I am able to take a little batting practice anytime I have a spare moment for some gaming. Read on to find out more.

Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

The idea of the game is simple. Balls are pitched, and the player must flick the screen and hit the ball out of the park. Of course, the angle of each swing, timing and speed of the flick all dictate where the ball flies. A dotted line will indicate the hitting zone, and no pitch can be contacted until it crosses this line. As easy as this sounds, the game is quite challenging and addictive, even though the flick is the single control used.

Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

The challenge comes with the different pitches. There are ten different balls that each move differently. Some move fast, some slow but each is different. The 2x and 3x balls give bonus accordingly and will move as one of the other pitches without showing or warning which one. The trick is that the balls all look like a regular baseball until it reaches the dotted line indicating the hitting zone. It will actually take some practice and skill to successfully hit each ball out of the park.

Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

There are plenty of game modes to keep Flick Home Run fresh. Minor and Major challenge are the original game with different levels, and the rest must be unlocked with high scores. Moonstar Bonus requires home runs to bounce off of moons while hitting stars as bonuses. There is also a bunting mode which requires an entirely different skill set. All of the game modes are enjoyable in one way or another and have kept me coming back to this game repeatedly.

Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

Hit balloons and stars with the balls to pick up bonuses as well as higher scores for distances. As the ball flies out of the park, buildings and vehicles will bounce the balls along or stop them in their tracks, all the while helping rack up more points and experience. Every time the experience meter fills, players can choose to power up, increase contact accuracy or add a pair of glasses. The glasses will show the next pitch until they run out. I will say, my home run distances have definitely been further as I have progressed and added experience.

Flick Home Run has proven to be a hit with both myself as well as my kids. There is something satisfying hitting a ball in with the sweet spot and watching it jump out of the park. Maybe it is a reminder of a great time of my life when I was much younger, but it is great fun none the less. You can find Flick Home Run! here, in the app store for $.99.

What I Like: This game is extremely fun and addictive. Who does not like cranking a home run!?!

What Needs Improvement: I always enjoy having in-level unlockable power ups.

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Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch


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Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch


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Flick Home Run! for iPhone and Touch

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