The LUNATIK EPIK Turns Your 42mm Apple Watch into a Tank!

I’ve got an Apple Watch, and from normal wear the stainless steel has a light patina of little scratches. I don’t worry about that, but I do sometimes worry about whacking my watch or breaking its crystal; I’m paranoid like that. If you’re worried that your lifestyle might be too active for your watch, then you need the LUNATIK EPIK.

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Packed inside a tidy and unassuming package, there lies a beast ready to take the worst abuse that you can throw at it …

Available in either a $59.95 polycarbonate version or $139.95 (and up) aluminum versions and made only for the 42mm version, I was sent the black aluminum with integrated black silicone band. It measures 10mm x 2.17mm x 2mm and weighs 36 grams.

Materials used include:

  • 6000 series aircraft grade aluminum (case)
  • Stainless Steel (crown / button / screws / screw pins)
  • Stainless Steel Audio screens Compression molded Silicone (sport band) OR Genuine Leather + ultra suede (band)

The EPIK’s right side has an exaggerated crown that actually makes it easier to scroll around on your watch, and it has a pronounced button cover. If you have larger fingers, you might like the case for this reason alone.

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Installing the EPIK is a matter of removing the included Allen wrench from the packing and unscrewing the screw at the right top and bottom of the case …

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… which leaves you with an open EPIK ready for your Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch fits perfectly inside, and after re-screwing the two removed screws (but not too tightly!), you get a package that looks like this: Apple Watch ready for Armageddon.

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I have a ~6″ wrist, so the strap is a little bit long on me; it’s no problem because of that removable catch that I showed you in one of the previous galleries. The strap is secure, yet easily removed, and it doesn’t flap around.

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Note the bezel which provides a bit of protection to the watch’s face?

Not only is your watch now perfectly wrapped in protective aluminum, the heart rate monitor on the back is still fully exposed and completely functional.

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Yes, the LUNATIK EPIK is built like a tank, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! Want to go hiking without worrying that you’ll smash your watch against a rock? You can! Want to know that you can drop your watch without shattering its crystal? You can! Want to drive over your watch with a car without it exploding? Wait … why would you want to do that? 😉

One caveat: since there doesn’t appear to be any kind of silicone lining inside the case, there is a chance that your watch might still get small scratches; if you work in extreme conditions or you dig a muddy trench while wearing your Apple Watch, it might be smart to remove your watch afterward and clean the whole kit thoroughly.

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If you love your Apple Watch, but you wish that it was just a bit more rugged, just a bit larger, just a little more MOAR, then the LUNATIK EPIK is your watch case.

The LUNATIK EPIK starts at $59.95 for the polycarbonate version and $139.95 for the aluminum version, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Rugged protection for your Apple Watch; Makes the Apple Watch look less dressy and more adventurous; Larger crown and exaggerated button might be better for those with larger fingers; Heart monitor still works when watch is inside EPIK

What Needs Improvement:Inside of the case does not have a silicone lining, so if the watch gets dirty you may get some scratches

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