Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo!

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Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo! Listen to this article

If you were a fan of our review of the Cubesensors review, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new model of the popular home sensors, called the Koto, launching today on Indiegogo!

Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo!

Koto is an updated and stylish way to help you sleep better, as well as keep your family healthy through monitoring your home environment. Created by CubeSensors, the Slovenia-based startup that brought you over 500 million environmental readings in over 50 countries worldwide, the Koto comes with three types of smart sensors.

Koto Blink, the entry level sensor, helps make any room more comfortable by monitoring temperature, humidity, light, and noise. It only needs to be recharged twice a year and can store data offline for weeks, which makes it ideal for rental apartments, vacation homes, and can be a great travel companion!

Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo!

Koto Air is an upgrade to Koto Blink, which can detect dust and harmful gases in the air you breathe. The ability to monitor air quality and pollution makes Koto Air perfect for bedrooms and nurseries, especially in homes with children, the elderly, and asthmatics.

Koto Storm makes sure you’re always just a glance away from home by connecting to your WiFi. It has a minimalistic display that can show the current temperature or let you know when you receive a new email, so it can act as a notification center for your living room or office. Koto Storm is also packed with indoor sensors and can even detect approaching storms, so you can plan your outdoor activities better and protect your home during storm season.

Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo!

Just like the CubeSensors, you place each Koto in a room, and you can use the accompanying app to adjust your environment to sleep better this fall, and stay healthy all at the same time. The real-time measurements attempt to let you know if you need to crank up the AC, or if you need to add a little bit of light to the room. You can even turn off the lights using IFTTT!!

“Food labels have changed the way we think about our food, we want to do the same for your home environment,” said Aleš Špeti, Koto cofounder and CEO. “It’s not just about discovering degrees and percentages. Koto lets you know what you need to do when it matters the most, so you can keep your loved ones safe and healthy.”

Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo!

You can support the Koto by backing them today on IndieGoGo. $69 will get you the Koto Blink, $119 will get you the Koto Air, and the Koto Storm is $179, and all of them are shipping worldwide in February of 2016. Why not check them out on Indiegogo today??

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