Crosley Radio Announces Two Blast from the Past Products You Have to See to Believe

A leader in the audio world since launching their first radio way back in the early 1920’s, Crosley Radio is now debuting a new top-of-the-line product that you just have to check out.


To be featured at CES 2017, Crosley will unleash their new C20 turntable and one-of-a-kind Vinyl Rocket Jukebox. Available to preview at the popular consumer show in Vegas, the C20 is the latest addition of their C-Series product line which includes the C10, C100 and C200, all which are aimed at offering not only high-quality audio but a style that is in a league of its own.


Cased in genuine zebrano wood veneer, the C20 includes a low-vibration synchronous motor with shock absorbent feet so eliminate a DJ messing up the groove while attempting to mix. With adjustable counterweights, anti-skate adjustment and a pre-mounted Ortolan OM5e cartridge, the CM20, promises to deliver in every facet for not just the audiophile, but those who are new to the turntable world.

“The C20 turntable is a true marriage of function and style, which is what the Crosley brand stands for,” said director of marketing, Jason Menard. “Adding variety, quality and credibility to our popular C-Series product line, the C20 is Crosley’s top-of-the-line offering for audio enthusiasts. We’re convinced that vinyl devotees will fall in love with this luxury unit.”

Also Crosley will be previewing their Vinyl Rocket Jukebox which is actually the only vinyl jukebox being manufactured anywhere in the world. So now you don’t have to just sit in that odd diner, tossing quarters hoping to hear Elvis as the Vinyl Rocket not only has all of what makes jukeboxes great including a 70 x 7” vinyl record rotating jukebox mechanism, a D4 digital amp with two independent stereo outputs… but they’ve stepped into the new age with the ability to control the jukebox through an included remote for record selection, as well as an auxiliary option for plugging in an external device.

“This is the first production vinyl jukebox to be manufactured in over 25 years.” said CEO, Bo LeMastus. “With a 140-selection rotating title display and Bluetooth connection, it’s the ultimate collectors’ item for vinyl enthusiasts to add to their audio caves.

Crosley Radio seems to be about as old school as I am, and wanting to give us that nostalgia; it’s certainly not a bad thing bridging the gap. For more information stay tuned to Crosley’s web page, as well as here during CES 2017.

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