Always Have a Charging Cable Nearby with the Echo Connect Key!

We’ve all panicked while out and about, realizing that our phone battery is low, and either we scramble to the car to get the cable, or we turn off every setting possible in attempts to keep enough battery to make it home.

The Echo Connect Key by the company named, you guessed it, Echo, is a small charge key that you can attach to your keyring so you’ll never find yourself without a way to charge your device. Now what if you have an iPhone and your friend offers you their Micro-USB cable? Well there’s a solution to this as well!

Always Have A Charging Cable Nearby with the Echo Connect Key!

Connect Key is not only going to charge up your iPhone, it will also charge your friends Android since it’s the first ever dual connection charger. Housed in a flexible rubber casing the Echo Key, it’s pretty self explanatory what it’s job is.

Always Have A Charging Cable Nearby with the Echo Connect Key!

Once on your keyring it sits right along your keys, with the Lightning as well as Micro-USB fully exposed. There’s no telling how this will hold up over time, especially being exposed to the other items you keep in your pocket. I personally wish there were caps on each of the chargers to avoid your keys rubbing against them and wearing them down and/or scratching them.

Always Have A Charging Cable Nearby with the Echo Connect Key!

Using the Echo Key is interesting as well if you’re charging. Since it’s not the biggest “cord” in the world, being less than two inches, this is ideal for plugging your phone up to an external battery pack or to your laptop, however I would not plug this into a wall because although flexible, the chances of it falling and potentially breaking your phone are high and I would rather not test that theory.

Always Have A Charging Cable Nearby with the Echo Connect Key!

My final verdict: the Echo Connect Key is actually one of the first keyring charging cables that doesn’t add any additional bulk to my keyring, and available in multiple colors, it’s a very minimalistic way to make sure that you are never without a cable when you need it. Available for AU$10, you can have one today, or if you’d like to purchase directly from Echo for £20.00.

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