Predict the Sunshine with This New Weather App

If you don’t have a weather app on your home screen, you certainly need to. Think about it. You have every other app on your phone. Your social networking, your emails and SMS, but what about your weather?

Truth is the weather app is checked every morning by about 340 million people. It’s a lot easier to pull out your phone than turn on the television for accurate information regarding what you should wear for the day, and starting today, you can get a new weather app that’ll brighten your day. Sunshine is a new weather app in the app store that brings weather to life on your device.

Predict the Sunshine With This New Weather App
Each morning you’ll wake up to a new update of how the weather will be, telling you what it’ll look like when you first walk out, to even telling you how it might be later on throughout the day.

Predict the Sunshine With This New Weather App

Do away with having to struggle with wearing a bulky jacket in the morning and then burning up in the afternoon once the sun is at its highest.

Predict the Sunshine With This New Weather App

The coolest part of the app is that you can tell the app your current weather conditions so the app learns from you and your surroundings, making for a more accurate, user-friendly app.

So why are you still being surprised by the weather? Get the latest updates today with Sunshine in the App Store today!


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