The Future of Sound Is Now with the BeoLab 90 LoudSpeakers!

Just when you think that sound system you spent a couple hundred bucks on was the best on the market, you’re proven wrong again.

Bang & Olufsen are known for making speakers and audio products that are not only heavy in quality, but heavy on your wallet as well. But this one here takes the take. The Beolab 90’s are essentially the “Tesla of loudspeakers”, and rightfully so. The world’s most advanced speaker, the Beolab 90 speaker delivers perfect sound regardless of the room that it’s placed in.

The Future of Sound is Now With The BeoLab 90 LoudSpeakers!

With the Beolab 90 you can not only watch your favorite movie with your family, you can also turn up the house party when you have guests, and the music quality will be the same regardless if you’re in the kitchen or even in your bedroom. With active room compensation, your sound quality won’t change due to interference from a wall or if you have furniture blocking like a bookshelf. The 360-degree design makes it so that you can place it anywhere and still receive the same audio quality, so feel free to play it in your kitchen while cooking, and not having to worry about a compromised listening experience.

The Future of Sound is Now With The BeoLab 90 LoudSpeakers!

Delivering up to 8200 watts per loudspeaker, and having 18 drivers in specific locations within the Beolab 90, it’s truly designed to stand out in your home.

For more information about the Beolab 90, check out Beolab’s site today!

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