Beddit Sleep Tracker Is Now Available on Your Watch and at the Apple Store

Beddit, a sleek sleep-tracking device, now has an Apple Watch to help you monitor your sleep habits and is available for purchase at Apple Stores worldwide. This non-wearable device fits underneath your sheets so you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone in bed or wear an uncomfortable monitor to sleep. You can pick yours up today for $149.95.

Package with iPhone Watch App

Integrating with a required iOS app, Beddit helps you track your sleep habits and wake up at just the right time for your sleep cycle.  When you wake up in the morning, Beddit will score your sleep on a scale from 0-100, called…wait for it…your SleepScore!  SleepScore is a quick and intuitive system that lets you know how well you slept, but you can also check out detailed graphs on everything from your average respiration rate, total sleep time, time to fall asleep, and sleep efficiency.  It’ll even track your snoring, which is perfect for me and my sleepy-eyed wife.

With its new Apple Watch app, you can now extend your Beddit data to your wrist with quick glances.  Beddit’s Apple Watch app is optimized for WatchOS2 and allows you to receive daytime alerts and tips to help you sleep better.  There is also a neat Nap feature that allows you to choose how long you’d like to nap and choose how you’d like to be awakened.

Check out some screenshots of Beddit’s Apple Watch app, below:


Beddit’s data is shared with Apple’s Health App and Beddit Family, the companion web app for families, groups or teams, with in-depth historical data results. In order to use Beddit, you’ll need the iOS app, so be sure to download that from the app store.

Finally, be sure to stay tuned to Gear Diary, where we’ll have a hands-on review of Beddit coming soon!

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