Ripcord Belt Poised to be a Kickstarter Success!

What happens when a web belt marries a strong paracord? You get the Ripcord Belt. “Designed for mankind’s adventures,” the Ripcord Belt is an adjustable, reloadable mesh belt that is designed for the adventurer who wants to know he or she has a length of paracord with them all the time. It’s Kickstarter campaign is close to the finish line and describes the product in this way:

Ripcord Belt Poised to be a Kickstarter Success!

“Meet Ripcord Belt. It’s a one-size-fits-all, no-hole design. Our belt is made of military style, natural cotton canvas webbing complete with a slider pin buckle made of steel. Its core design has been around for decades. We simply made it better. Ripcord Belt is designed to hide and seamlessly carry 12 continuous feet of 550 paracord.”


“Tie-up your game, tie-down your tent, lace-up your boots, or strap-down your load. Then reload so you’re ready to do it all again. The use of paracord is virtually infinite, and can be used at home or in the wild – but only if you have it.”

Ripcord Belt Poised to be a Kickstarter Success!

What makes the Ripcord Belt special is that it can be loaded and reloaded over and over. Yes, you’ll need a pair of needle-nose pliers and a thin wire hanger to load/reload the belt but with the right tools and a little patience you can reuse the paracord and belt combo. To reload the belt you simply “straighten the wire hanger and bend a small loop at one end and you’re ready to go. Or if you’re feeling more inventive, you can modify a gun cleaning rod to work as well.”

I had a chance to check out an early sample and was impressed with the quality.

Ripcord Belt Poised to be a Kickstarter Success!

…and there are more baker options!

The campaign ends in the next few days. Your commitment to it can help put it over the goal and in the process you’ll get your own Ripcord Belt or two. Check it out here!

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