Griffin Survivor Tactical Case for Apple Watch Offers Serious Protection

The Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch is a great way to dress up your Apple Watch while adding a thin layer of protection. There are, however, times when you need more protection. That’s where the $29.99 Survivor Tactical Case for Apple Watch comes in. It offers far more protection AND includes a built-in touch-through screen protector.

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch Offers Serious Protection

I spent this afternoon on a hike with my synagogue. I wanted to wear my Apple Watch — I always have it on — but though it might be wise to protect it a bit better than usual. So I popped off the silver Ultra Thin Case I usually have on it and put on the Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch. It is far more substantial and, as a result, offers better protection. Add in the fact that it has a touch-through screen protector and I was able to be confident that my pricey smartwatch was safe.

Griffin describes the case this way:

“Apple Watch protection that goes with you everywhere. Keep your Apple Watch safe and protected with Survivor Tactical Case for Apple Watch. At home, at the gym, or on the trail, the Survivor Tactical Case delivers solid protection from bumps and damage.”

The case is a thick piece of material that snaps on and over the watch in order to add serious protection to it. It looks like a simple accessory but a good deal of thought went into its execution. As Griffin explains:

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch Offers Serious Protection

  • Survivor Tactical Case’s two-material shell protects your Apple Watch from bumps and touchscreen damage. Co-molded TPE and polycarbonate deflect and absorb impacts.

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch Offers Serious Protection

  • Touch-through screen guard keeps the Apple Watch display safe from scratches without impacting its sensitivity or Force Touch capabilities.

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch Offers Serious Protection

  • Digital Crown is protected from above, accessible below. Unlike less-protective Apple Watch cases, Survivor’s covered access to your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown keeps it operational and protected.

Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch Offers Serious Protection

It is available in a variety of colors.

This isn’t the type of accessory I would want to keep on my watch all the time. It simply adds too much bulk to a watch which is already large enough for my tastes. Still, when you are out doing something where the watch might get bumped its a great accessory to have available. Add on the fact that the protection clips on the watch easily without the need to remove the watch band and you have something you can install when needed and, as soon as you are done with whatever activity you are doing, you can pull it off and get back to the simple naked wearable.

You can learn more and order yours here!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample Griffin Survivor Tactical Case For Apple Watch

What I Like: Offers good protection; Easy to get on and off without removing the watch band; Integrated screen protection protects without impacting the screen clarity or Touch Force; Protects the Digital Crown while leaving it accessible from below

What Needs Improvement: Pricey for what it is; Adds bulk to the watch

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