iGlaze napa iPhone 6+ and 6s+ Case Review

We all know one of the most important accessories for a phone is the case. I prefer a case that looks good of course, but it also has to provide protection while not adding excessive bulk. Why have a beautiful device and slap a giant, ugly box case on it? Will the iGlaze napa from Moshi meet my needs?

The iGlaze napa for the iPhone 6s+ is designed to accentuate the elegance of the iPhone while also providing exceptional protection. The case looks great with a silver edge and leather look backing. I have the beige color and chose it because it reminds me of a baseball glove. It also comes in black, red, and blue which are all quite attractive.

iGlaze napa iPhone 6+ and 6s+ Case Review

The napa features premium vegan leather backing for a refined look. While the material is not real leather, it does have the look and general feel of real leather. The back will not discolor if it gets damp (like leather does), and it seems to stay more clean. I would say the feel is close to leather, but a bit more slippery. I do love the look of leather on phone cases and this is one of the best options I have tried. For protection, the case is designed with a shatterproof casing and shock absorbing inner shell. My phone has dropped while in the case and there were no problems. The bezel around the screen is raised which protects the screen when laid flat. I prefer every case I use to have this feature.

iGlaze napa iPhone 6+ and 6s+ Case Review

The case is flash friendly with a custom cut out that will not affect performance. There are also cutouts for the headphone jack, lightning port, speaker, and audio switch. My only complaint about the case is the size of the opening around the audio switch. I have a hard time getting my finger on the switch to mute or activate sound. While this is a mild annoyance, it is not a deal breaker at all. The volume and lock buttons are covered by built in rockers and both work perfectly.

iGlaze napa iPhone 6+ and 6s+ Case Review

The first thing I love about the case is the look. As a huge fan of leather, I love the baseball glove appearance. The case has a nice fit and finish and looks and feels like a high quality product. The case gives plenty of protection without adding too much bulk while protecting all of the ports and buttons. Like I said above, the mute switch is a little tough to get to, but people with smaller fingers should have no problems. I can usually get it moved after two or three tries. All in all, this is a nice case that looks amazing and should be good for anyone’s iPhone 6+ or 6s+.

iGlaze napa iPhone 6+ and 6s+ Case Review

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample.

MSRP: $49.95 

What I like: Great protection with minimal added bulk and it looks awesome. I love the leather look of the back.

What can be improved: My only complaint is the mute switch cutout is a bit small and my fingers have difficulty with the switch.

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