BluVue is Perfect for Construction Document Markups, Collaboration

As an Architect in the digital age, I have to review, mark up, and collaborate on construction documents every day, sometimes on the go. BluVue looks like an awesome mobile construction software that allows you to manage, distribute, annotate, and share plans digitally with any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  You can check it out today with a free trial.

BlueVue is Perfect for Construction Document Markups, Collaboration

BluVue is perfect for general contractors who are working with large sets of documents because all of the latest documents are saved in the cloud, so every member of your team can have access to the latest and greatest markups. Usually on a job site, there’s one main set of documents that are marked up and shared among the workers, sub-contractors, etc. With BluVue, you don’t need to crowd around the main set of documents, you can all look at your own individual tablets, zoom in, and share comments, markups, do takeoffs, tag favorite or important sheets, and much more.

BlueVue is Perfect for Construction Document Markups, Collaboration

As an architect who works with general contractors on a daily basis, I cannot tell you how many times the site supervisor or one of the sub-contractors has come to me with questions on the plans, only to find out that they aren’t even using the latest set of documents.  With BluVue, there is no concern that someone is working from an old set documents, since as soon as the latest documents are uploaded, all members of the team are working from that set of drawings. In the old days, the general contractor’s administrative assistant in the head office had to receive the latest plans from the architect, send them out for copies or print separate sets for sub-contractors, and either mail them out or hand them out. Now, the administrator can upload the documents to the BluVue cloud account and everyone is notified and can start collaborating right away.

If you work in construction, you owe it to yourself to check out BluVue’s growing feature list for yourself. There’s no better way to ensure that all of your team members are collaborating, sharing markups, making correct takeoffs, and ultimately building a smoother project, than by using BluVue with your team. You can sign up for BluVue’s free trial or request a free demo and walk through of BluVue’s features.  BluVue starts at $14.95 per user per month.

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