Remora iPhone 5 Case from Outpost Labs Review

Remora iPhone 5 Case

Remora iPhone 5 Case

Do you have an iPhone 5 and want to be able to simply carry your phone with a couple of credit cards or license in a minimal setting? Then the folks at Outpost Labs have a case they’d like you to check out. Called Remora, the case clips to opposing corners of your iPhone 5 and allows full access to buttons and camera. How does it work? Let’s take a look!


Here are some of the features:
– Carries up to two cards.
– Hidden latch snaps closed to safely hold cards.
– Protects screen when set face-down on a surface.
– Full access to all buttons/ports.
– No camera flash bleed.
– Incredibly slim with unique thin two-corner design.


Overall Impressions

There are a few things I thought were really cool about the Remora when I saw it, including:
– Minimal design
– Full direct access to buttons
– Carry a couple of cards

For me the thought was to be able to replace carrying my wallet when all I needed was my phone and a couple of cards, for example when out for a run. Aside from a car key, most of the time I have minimal needs, so this looked perfect. The case came out of the package fairly easily, and it was time to check it out.

Installing the case was simple enough. The online instructions told me to start at the top, but the folks at Outpost Labs specifically had me start from the bottom. In this configuration the final move was getting the case aligned over the screen on/off button. It was tricky and required work to get it in place, but once there it felt secure. On my second go-round installing the case I did it from the top, and it actually worked better for me. Like most things, it is all about figuring out what works for you.

Sliding in my credit cards was also simple by following the instructions found on the packaging. Slide down, then to the left, and my cards were securely in place. As you can see in the video, it takes a few tries to get used to doing it – especially at a reverse angle! I used my phone for a bit and ran an errand with it in the case, and the cards stayed in place perfectly – until I needed them, then they slid out just as easily.

Having completed my ‘trial run’, it was time to remove the case and capture it all again on video.

One assumption implicit for me in a minimal design like this is that people who want this don’t like having a case on their iPhone. Like me. So when I first tried out the removal instructions from the website, I was surprised how much trouble I was having getting anywhere in terms of removing the case. I tried, watched the video which gave some tips, and was able to remove the case with some effort.


After I learned the tricks I no longer had an issue installing or removing the case, though I don’t show myself stooping to use the carpet as leverage for removal on video.

I realized that in order to keep your cards and ID safe from falling out, the Remora needs to have a tight fit , and due to the angle of the case it needs to grip tightly around the corners. The trade-off of a little extra effort for a more secure card hold is definitely worth it.

To make sure that the case would work for more than a quick check, I used it for a pair of business trips and a busy weekend. While away I only needed my license and work credit card, and at home just my ID and debit card. On work travel my work card is used exclusively, so it is out of the phone case several times per day. And after a week and a half of heavy use – including being stuffed into my running belt every day and getting sweat all over it – the Remora was still in great shape, the cards held tight and the case still firmly in place.

Check out the video – and if you are into a minimal design that can help you bring only what you need with you, the Remora might just be exactly what you need!


MSRP: $19.00 at the Remora Store

What I Like: Great two-card holding design; super minimal; easy installation; allows access to all buttons; great color selection

What Needs Improvement: Removal is difficult without consulting tips video

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

Here is my hands-on review:

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