Put Your Device’s Cable on a Keyring with the inCharge

InCharge is a successfully funded IndieGoGo project that solves a lot of first-world problems us gadgets users have: Not having a cable to charge our devices at all times.

Now, courtesy of the InCharge keyring cables, the 3.5 inch cables make it so that no matter where you are, you’re never without a way to charge your smartphone.

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The cable itself is self-explanatory, with the business end of the inCharge being either a Lightning or Micro-USB cable, and the opposite end being a 2.0 USB connector for plugging into an external battery pack, or wall charger, whichever you see fit.

Using a magnet, you can easily wrap the cable, which is made of a silicone material around the included keyring and it will fold over and click together from the connectors.

It’s one of the smallest keyring cables on the market, and promises to charge up your devices in twice the time your standard cable does before it eventually frays and you are forced to buy a new one.


I LOVE this cable, especially coupled with my Mogix external battery pack. I’ve always wished one of two things when I use a battery pack. 1. The battery pack came with its own included cable. or 2. I would find a cable that was small, so I would never have to suffer with being “that guy” at sporting events or at the bar with their battery pack sitting underneath their phone, with a traditional long white cord taking up space, either on the counter, or in my pocket.


Did I mention that the InCharge isn’t expensive by any means? At $9, it’s cheaper than most on the market, and at half the size, it will go with you everywhere. And if you hate the thought of it being on a keychain, throw it on your bag. Throw it in you purse. But I will warn you, it is tiny, so be mindful where you put it. Luckily though, it’s available in eight colors so you won’t ever have to worry about trying to figure out if it’s yours, or a friends.


Another upside to the inCharge is upon purchasing the product, you can opt to receive the product with, or without packaging, which is VERY green of them.

If you’d like to find out more information regarding the InCharge products you can check out their site today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Small lightweight and portable

What Needs Improvement: Possibly a 2-in-1 model

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