Pear Fitness Partners with TRX to Coach You From Your Phone!

I am a big fan of phone-based fitness apps. It’s a great way to guide your workouts without the cost of a personal trainer or having to conform to a group or class workout schedule. Pear Fitness offers a tremendous number of workout options, and now they are adding TRX suspension training to the list!

Pear Fitness Partners with TRX to Coach You From Your Phone!

TRX and other suspension straps can add a lot of benefits to a body’s weight workout. The hard part of suspension straps (and bodyweight workouts in general) is that you need to have a good grasp of proper form for safety and to maximize the benefits. Pear Fitness has how-to videos, as well as several workout plans for different fitness levels. They plan to add more before the end of the year, and all the videos are free to check out.

If you’re looking to start suspension strap training, or if you want a refresher on some of the movements, check out Pear Fitness for iOS today!

Pear Fitness Partners with TRX to Coach You From Your Phone!


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