Maui Jim Limited Edition Vinylize Hula Blues Sunglasses: More Than Meets the Eye

Who doesn’t love (or look good) in a fab pair of sunglasses? I was recently sent a pair of Maui Jim limited edition Vinylize Hula Blues sunglasses, and for what might seem to be (at first) a simple product, they are full of surprises.

Created in a limited edition of only 6000 frames, the Maui Jim Limited Edition Vinylize Hula Blues Sunglasses are handcrafted from Maui’s own first and only 12″ pressing of TOLO’s Hula Blues. That’s right — the frames on these polarized sunglasses are actually made from a vinyl record.

The sunglasses are sized for men, but if you are a woman with a larger face, you might be able to make them work. Included in the package is a special sunglasses case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, the Vinylize sunglasses, and an information booklet.

All of Maui Jim’s sunglasses feature a proprietary PolarizedPlus2® lens technology that eliminate 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and 99.9 percent of glare.

Photos by Chloe Becquet

The frames measure 5.8″ long at their widest point, and the lenses are 55mm across. The plastic frame back and inside arms have an embedded Hula Blues print design.

It’s odd to find sunglasses that are as visually stunning on the backside as they are on the front, but people who care about details will appreciate this touch.

Each one of the Maui Jim Limited Edition Vinylize Hula Blues frames is handcrafted from “Tolo’s pressing titled ‘Hula Blues’ in Vinylize’s Budapest workshops.”

The attention to detail is lovely. The Maui Jim Limited Edition Vinylize Hula Blues Sunglasses were inspired by the original vintage printing of the sheet music booklet for the Hawaiian classic Hula Blues from 1923; you can see that pattern on the included microfiber cloth as well as on the back of the sunglasses.

But of course, the most stunning aspect is the distinct vinyl record that makes up the front of the frames. It’s not going to jump out at people looking at you while wearing them — the effect is subtle, yet noticeable once you look closely.

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