Nile Threads Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep


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Raina and I went to register for all new bedding. Unfortunately, the sheets we initially picked out were a fortune! Right about that time I was offered the chance to review the initial offering from Nile Threads. They are “a radically transparent bedding company” that charges just $154 for Egyptian cotton bedding that could be as much as $500.

Nile Sheets Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep

Niles Threads notes that when you normally go to buy sheets the mark-up added by middlemen result in you paying more than three times the cost. The company sought to remove the middle man and, in the process, divide quality sheets for a fraction of the cost.

Nile Sheets Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep

I received a set of queen size sheets for which Nile Threads charges $179.00. The set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases. Each is made from 100% Egyptian Long Staple Super Combed Cotton with a 600 thread count. In addition, Nile Threads offers both free shipping and returns. And since the company founders are committed to not only building a great business but also doing good in the world along the way, they have pledged to donate 10% of profits to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The company is clear about their model and why they are able to charge less than others selling comparable sheets. They note that the normal model for sheet production and sales looks like this:

Nile Sheets Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep

Their model looks more like this:

Nile Sheets Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep

The result is something like this…

Nile Sheets Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep

The result is a streamlined process that results in your getting sheets directly from the company for far less than you would get them at a retail store. And while you can find sheets at a lower price in a variety of stores these sheets are of the finest quality and are incredibly comfortable. In other words, you can buy a set of sheets for less than the $179 the review sample would have cost but you are likely not comparing apples to apples. And since these sheets are as nice and comfortable as they are I’m not sure I want to risk getting additional sets that might not be as comfortable.

“Nile Threads was started by two brothers, Adam and Dean Gabri. Who, after spending their childhood in Rhode Island, moved to Egypt where they fell in love with the country, its lifestyle and its people’s sleep habits. Upon returning to the US, they realized something significant was missing and that something was the sheets that they had fallen in love with in Egypt. After a few restless nights they decided to start Nile Threads. As a result of spending significant amounts of time in both places they know how to source the finest Egyptian cotton sheets as well as get them to you most efficiently here in the US.”

Nile Sheets Offers a New Path to a Great Night of Sleep

To run down the specifics of what Nile Threads offers:

  • Egyptian Cotton: We use only the finest Egyptian long staple cotton, which allows us to provide incredibly fine woven and luxurious bedding.
  • Sateen: Nile Threads sheets are woven in a sateen pattern. The longer floats compared with the traditional one over and one under pattern results in an extremely smooth fabric.
  • Focus: We believe that doing less is more. That’s why we have chosen to focus on providing you only the finest Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Direct to Consumer: The company cuts out the middleman. You get sheets fresh off the boat from Egypt and night after night of restful, comfortable sleep.

I’m a fan and, thanks to the review sample I am enjoying night after night, I also expect I will continue to be a customer. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of a queen set of sheets from Nile Threads

What I Like: Great, comfortable sheets; Direct to you through the mail; Priced better than other premium sheets made from Egyptian cotton

What Needs Improvement: You can get sheet sets for less, but they will likely not be apples to apples in quality; currently only offering white and quantities are limited

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