EverLights Are Festive Year-Round App Controlled Lights That Need Never Come Down

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EverLights Are Festive Year-Round App Controlled Lights That Need Never Come Down Listen to this article

I’ll admit that I have a bit of bah-humbug when it comes to decorating for the holidays; if I could stick up a Festivus pole and call it good, I’d be happy. BUT we have kids and grandkids who like to see a tree, lights, decorations — the whole shebang. I draw the limit at stringing house lights, though.

I’ve heard too many horror stories about people falling off ladders while installing stringed house lights, and the effort of putting them up only to take them down after a month or so just seems like wasted time. With that said, I love driving through neighborhoods and seeing the way people decorate their houses and yards; it’s just not for me.

Perhaps EverLights can help me change my attitude.

EverLight is a Kickstarter campaign that proposes to create lights that you install once, leave in place, and then control from an app on your phone.

everlights 1

Not only will they make great winter holiday light shows, they can also glitz your house up for other events throughout the year — game days, backyard barbecues, birthdays, the 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, you name it! Since the colors can be changed to virtually any combination that you can imagine, the only limitation on what you can use them for is your imagination. And when they aren’t in use, they are so unobtrusive that your house won’t make you look like the homeowner who never takes down their lights.

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EverLights will forever eliminate the stress and danger of hanging exterior lights and then having to take them down again. No more ladders and no more tacky bulbs to look at when they’re not on – EverLights have a stealth design that are only seen when the lights are activated.

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EverLights are easy to install, and once they are up you never have to deal with them again. If you aren’t up for doing the install yourself, EverLights will even help you find a local installer.

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You can get in on the campaign for as little as $295. Obviously you won’t have them in time for this holiday season, but with an anticipated April delivery date, you’ll be rocking them for the rest of the year. Color me impressed.

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