Always Have a Party in Your Pocket with This Speaker!

Currently an IndieGogo that is close to halfway completing it’s goal of $15,000, I was sent one Pocket Party by 7×24 to review, and I decided to throw a PIZZA PARTY with it!

After inviting a few friends over, I wanted to actually test out this tiny speaker and all of the huge sound that the company claims that the expandable speaker can actually do.

Always Have a Party in Your Pocket with This Speaker!

The pocket sized bluetooth speaker not only can make noise on it’s own, but it packs a great punch even through a pizza box. 7×24 claimed in their campaign that the speaker, which is available in a few colors, had a vibration mode that could turn the top of a pizza box into a subwoofer, so you know I had to try it.

Always Have a Party in Your Pocket with This Speaker!

I personally prefer Domino’s Pizza, so I got us three boxes to all enjoy, and we went through so many slices while watching the Ronda Rousey fight a few weeks ago that I had to call and get more.

Always Have a Party in Your Pocket with This Speaker!

Naturally my friends wanted Papa John’s now, so I had to oblige and order just to see if the sound would be different on their boxes since they claim their pizza is better than competitors.

Always Have a Party in Your Pocket with This Speaker!

Amazingly so, it’s actually pretty legit. Granted, I’m sure that the speaker can do just as much with sound on a flat surface, but the whole idea of a pizza box is pretty noble. You just have to, of course, worry about friends who have a tendency to want to open said box to grab themselves a slice. I tested it out with a live song, Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover) and surprisingly the sound quality was not only loud, but actually pretty clear! This was the safest song I had on my iPod during the Pizza Party, by the way.

Watch the Pocket Party in action here:

The suction button of the Pocket Party is fitting, and great for a shower or even a glass table. And I’ll even admit, when the suction portion is snapped back into the speaker itself, it’s actually pretty snazzy in it’s own right. But for the most part, I find myself with it suctioned to my coffee table, with it’s vibrant colors dancing, moving to the music. With a six hour battery life, splash proof casing, and an included carabiner and bike-mount strap, what’s not to love about this speaker?

Overall, I personally love the Pocket Party, and I’ve already decided that it would be a great gift for my Goddaughter, who just happens to play those songs from Frozen so much on her personal iPad, that I want to annoy her mother a tiny bit over the holidays with this little product.

If you’d like to fund it on IndieGoGo, you can find out more info here!

Source: Manufacturer Supplied review Unit

What I Like: The subversive sound for the small size.

What Needs Improvement: Battery Life

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