LUNATIK FLAK Case for iPhone 6: Double Layers of Protection on a Still Pocketable Case

If you want the ease of a rubbery case for installation, but you prefer the shiny look of a rubber and shell case combo; the LUNATIK FLAK has got your device covered. Available for the iPhone 5/5S, the 6/6S, the 6/6S Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S5, the $34.95 FLAK comes in enough colors that it’s protective and never boring.

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FLAK’s Dual-Layer Jacket is lightweight armor for your iPhone 6 constructed out of two low profile layers of protection. With an internal soft TPU material and an external hard polycarbonate outer shell, the materials are interlocked to create a thin, protective jacket for the iPhone.

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Inside, your device is cradled by the rubbery TPU layer; it is soft, and it grips well. On the outside, there is a hard polycarbonate shell that will help protect against bumps, shocks, and drops. Available in many color combos depending upon device, the iPhone 6/6S version comes in black on black, silver on black, gold on black, dark blue and black, and dark raspberry on black.

Here’s one downside to that lovely shiny polycarbonate shell: it’s a bonafide fingerprint magnet. If that doesn’t bother you, then no problem; I’d be constantly swiping it against my shirt or jeans to try to keep the prints off. 😛

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The iPhone slips easily into the rubbery case; once in it is firmly grasped and protected on all corners. There are cutouts for the camera, speaker, charging port, microphone, and mute switch; rubber button covers are over the power and volume buttons.

One thing that may present an issue if you use a lot of aftermarket cables (as I do) is that the cutout for the charging cable is larger than stick, but still not very large; there will be some cables with larger Lightning port bases that won’t fit.

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The FLAK has a nice TPU border that sticks up about 2mm from the screen for face-down protection.

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While the LUNATIK FLAK is a slightly larger case than most slimmer cases, it does still slide in and out of pockets easily, it has fantastic corner protection, and it should meet the phone’s protective needs well when it is dropped or slammed down.

The LUNATIK FLAK iPhone 6/6S case retails for $34.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to insert and remove iPhone from Case; Two tone look is nice; Available in multiple colors; All corners protected; does not add excessive weight or bulk to the iPhone 6/6S

What Needs Improvement: Bottom portion of the case is a fingerprint magnet; Most but not all aftermarket cables will work with this case

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