Power Toothpaste Has Been Turbocharging My Mornings!

Recently, I wrote about Power Toothpaste, which takes normal, everyday toothpaste and gives it some oomph with a dosing of caffeine. I’ll be honest-the idea made me laugh, because who thinks to put caffeine in toothpaste? Power Toothpaste was kind enough to let me indulge my inner guinea pig, and I’ve been testing the toothpaste for the last few weeks!

Power Toothpaste Has Been Turbocharging My Mornings!

I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day during the week, and on the weekends it’s very hit and miss. But even during the week I don’t usually have my first cup until I’ve settled in at the office, around 9am, and there are definitely days when I’m yawning my way through my morning commute. Power Toothpaste definitely helps with that; on days I’ve used it, I still drank my cup of coffee but didn’t feel the need to dive for the coffee machine as soon as I turned on my computer. And on weekends, I haven’t even noticed I skipped my coffee if I used the Power Toothpaste first thing in the morning. This isn’t exactly a scientific analysis, but I can offer anecdotal testimony that the concept seems to be effective.

It’s just as important to note that Power Toothpaste tastes really good! It has a strong minty flavor, so I definitely wouldn’t eat anything right after using it, but it’s not an overly artificial and harsh flavor. Also, it fades slowly, which is actually pretty nice; you don’t go from feeling minty fresh to having a weird aftertaste, it’s more like the mint intensity gently drops down. It feels like my teeth are getting clean from it, and I haven’t noticed any difference in whiteness or sensitivity (in the evenings I use Pronamel because that’s the only other option in the medicine cabinet, and I don’t want to be caffeinated before bedtime!)

Power Toothpaste is coming soon to IndieGoGo, and in the meantime you can check out their website for more details!

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