Power Toothpaste Supercharges Your Morning

Have you ever woken up and thought, “I need some caffeine, but making coffee is so much work…and it takes too long to kick in! If only there were a way to quickly pick up a caffeine buzz AND keep my dentist happy!” Well, for all two of you who had that exact thought, Power Toothpaste is crowdfunding a solution.

Power Toothpaste Supercharges Your Morning

For those of us who normally keep a pretty defined wall between toothpaste and life-giving caffeine, here’s how Power Toothpaste works: apparently, it works like regular toothpaste, but has caffeine added to it, so as you brush your teeth your gums absorb the caffeine. This way you get an energy boost faster than a cup of coffee, plus your breath smells nice afterwards, and you didn’t run the risk of burning down your house trying to work the Keurig in a drowsy state. The company hasn’t discussed flavor in their marketing materials, but I would assume it tastes better than other coffee alternatives like Red Bull, which tastes like a high school chemistry lab smells.

When we first received the marketing pitch for Power Toothpaste, I immediately started doing my own homework on toothpastes and the likelihood of absorption by your gums. As it turns out, that does work, but, like this dentist’s take on vitamin-infused toothpaste, it’s unclear how much you’re actually absorbing unless you’re actively brushing just your gums with the toothpaste. If it works, Power Toothpaste does seem like a way to streamline your morning. You’ll save time on drinking coffee*, your teeth get cleaned, and you get a boost of energy to get you out the door and off to work. Power Toothpaste does discourage people from brushing with this at night, since the last thing you want is to blame your late night insomnia induced Amazon splurge/Netflix binge on your toothpaste. That’s just embarrassing.

If you’re curious, you can head to Power Toothpaste‘s website, and they’ll send you a free sample after their IndieGoGo campaign if you share a link to their site on your social media.

*Worth noting that Power Toothpaste does say you can still drink coffee with it that the actual amount of caffeine isn’t enough to fully replace your coffee unless you have high caffeine sensitivity.** It has enough caffeine to replace your morning coffee, but if you still crave a warm cup of coffee this will take the edge off those caffeine cravings and kickstart your day. However, have you ever had a cup of coffee right after brushing your teeth? Yuck.

**The crossed out portion was a mistake in our initial article.

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