Synology Adds Two New Exciting Products to Their NAS and NVR Lineups

Synology, one of my favorite NAS manufacturers, has announced two new additions to their product lineup. The DS216 NAS targets small workgroups and offices, featuring 111.18 MB/s read, 112.79 MB/s write. The NVR216 Network Video Recorder targets offices and retail spots where space is at a premium and features a dedicated 1080p output and supports up to 9 IP cameras.

Synology Adds Two New Exciting Products to Their NAS and NVR Lineups

Synology’s NVR216 Network Video Recorder

Synology’s new Network Video Recorder, the NVR216, is a simple solution for homes, offices, or retail stores looking to provide video surveillance without much trouble. It features a 1080p output for local display while also storing the data on its internal 2-bay HDD storage with a maximum capacity of 16TB that can be expanded to 32TB with external DS213 expansion units.

You’ve got USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on the rear for keyboard/mouse connections to make the NVR216 a one-stop-shop for your complete surveillance system. The NVR216 only consumes 14W while streaming 9 channels of video, which is excellent power economy. With Synology’s Surveillance Station app, you can monitor multiple camera streams, use the Timeline panel to play back recordings from multiple channels at once, and set up smart analytics tools like motion detectors.

Synology Adds Two New Exciting Products to Their NAS and NVR Lineups

Synology’s DS216 Network Attached Storage device.

Synology’s new Network Attached Storage device, the DS216, is a two-bay NAS featuring a dual-core 1.3 GHz CPU and 512 MB DDR3 memory and boasts speeds of over 111 MB/s reading and writing under a RAID configuration. The HDD bays are hot-swappable without the need for special tools and support up to two 8TB HDDs for a total of 16TB.

The DS216 runs with Synology’s award-winning DiskStation Manager operating system, otherwise known as DSM. DSM is far and away my favorite NAS operating system as it’s intuitive if you’ve ever used a Windows or Mac and it makes managing your NAS as simple as can be.

Both of these new Synology devices are available for purchase right now, so check out Synology’s website for more details!

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