Grush Gaming Toothbrush Now Available!

The hardest part of having a toddler is the “I do it myself!” phase. Independence is a huge development step, but inevitably your child needs more parental involvement than they believe they do. Toothbrushing is a big part of this push/pull battle, but Grush has an idea to use connected gaming to make toothbrushing fun and easy for everyone!

Grush is designed to appeal to both parents and kids. It uses a Bluetooth connected toothbrush and a companion app with games-kids succeed in the games by brushing properly and for the full amount of time. Parents can use the app to access a report on how the brushing went. If the kid missed teeth or slacked off, the app knows. It beats standing over your kid while they brush, but still insures they don’t just gnaw on the toothbrush because their toothpaste tastes good!

Grush was crowdfunded on IndieGoGo and is hitting retailers
now with an MSRP of $59.95. Steep for a toothbrush, but cheaper than getting a cavity filled!

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