Alcatel Onetouch Releases New Phones, Tablets, and even a Kid’s Wearable!

Alcatel Onetouch is very busy at CES this year. They’re covering a ton of areas, from Android phones to Windows tablets and child-focused watches with safety features. Basically, whether you want a phablet or a device to keep your elementary age kiddo safe, Alcatel has a product for it.

On the Android front, Alcatel has a tremendous number of new phones available in the Pixi 4 line. Do you hate the trend towards bigger and bigger phones? Alcatel has a 3.5in phone coming. Looking for a phablet? They’ve got one with a 6 inch screen. And if Android tablets are more your style, Alcatel has a 7 inch one as well. No word on what version of Android these will be running, or whether they will come to North America or remain in Europe like most of Alcatel’s offerings, but with such a broad lineup it’s worth watching for sure!

Alcatel hasn’t forgotten the Windows front either, with the Pixi 3 Windows 10 tablet. It’s an 8 inch tablet with GPS, voice-call options, even a TV remote control! No word on pricing or specific specs, but with remote control and voice calling features, this could make the Pixi 3 an attractive tablet addition to a home entertainment setup!

Finally, Alcatel has branched out from phones and tablets to announce the CareTime Children’s Watch. Basically, this is a watch that lets parents track their kids via GPS, and it also has some limited connectivity to make and receive voice messages and calls from curated contacts. It sounds like a stepping stone prior to giving a child a phone, where parents can still maintain contact with their kids but without the responsibility and complication that a full cell phone would bring.

Alcatel traditionally has kept to Europe and Latin America with their products, but hopefully some of these will find their way to North America in 2016! Keep an eye on their press releases for more news and updates on all their products!

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