Withings Thermo Will Give You an Accurate Reading in Seconds!

Today, the leader in connected health products Withings announced they’ve extended their reach on the health market by unveiling their Withings Thermo.

The WiFi-connected temporal artery thermometer is the first of it’s kind, which promises to be one of the most accurate thermometers on the market, all while promising the user a non-invasive temperature reading courtesy of their revolutionary 16-sensors.

Also being honored with two CES Innovation Awards in “Best in Fitness, Sports and Biotech” as well as “Tech for a Better World”, Withings has continuously proven that they are committed to giving their customers innovative products that will show in the user’s overall better health.

The Withings Thermo automatically will send temperature readings to your smartphone through a dedicated application using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for a seamless syncing process. With just a simple point in the direction of the artery, the sensor can take 4000 measurements in two seconds and automatically adjust itself for things such as skin heat loss and ambient temperature. Requiring only two AAA batteries that will last you at least two years the device is not only portable, but will last you a very long time sitting in your medicine cabinet when its not in use.

Here is a quick hands-on from the Gear Diary team at CES:

Available later this quarter for $99.95, the Withings Thermo and its companion app will be a must have for everyone starting out the new year. For more information, head to Withings.com today!

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