Vision Objects Makes Their CES Debut

Vision Objects Makes Their CES Debut

Vision Objects has been developing and refining handwriting recognition technology since 1998, with their software being partnered with some well known products, such as the Livescribe pen series so well loved by several Gear Diary writers (including yours truly).  Despite being well known for their handwriting recognition prowess, which is available in different forms for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile, this is the first year that Vision Objects set up shop at CES.

To coincide with its first CES appearance, Vision Objects is introducing several new products.  As described by their press release:

  • MyScript Studio 1.2 – a notes management and form application featuring new functionalities and user interface for Windows or Mac OS tablets.
  • MyScript Notes Mobile – the first application providing notes management, notes search, and document annotation functionalities for Android tablets & iPad in 30 different languages.
  • MyScript Stylus and MyScript Stylus Mobile – text input-methods designed for tablets or computers which replace the keyboard by handwriting in any applications requiring text entry.

Vision Objects software is available in a wide range of languages (87 for isolated characters & 30 for cursive handwriting recognition).  I’ve used MyScript software with both a Logitech io pen and more recently, with a Livescribe pen, and I’ve been impressed with the accuracy of the recognition.  Check out the company’s offerings here.

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